Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Support the Arts" Car Tag Grants

This Goodly Land would like to thank every one of you that has bought a "Support the Arts" Alabama license plate. The extra money you paid to get that plate went into a special fund that supports projects in the arts.

This Goodly Land has benefited from two grants that came from this fund. The first provided seed money to help our project get up and running, while the most recent enabled us to launch our new feature "This Day in Alabama Literary History." Other projects from the Alabama Center for the Book (our parent organization) have also benefited from this fund, most recently the 2008 Alabama Book Festival.

As funding gets harder to come by and belts get tightened, programs that allow private citizens to make a contribution to the public good become increasingly valuable. Please thank your Alabama legislators for this program, and tell them you're proud to live in a state that values the arts.

And, if you haven't bought one of these license plates yet, please consider it. Thanks.

Midge Coates, Project Manager
This Goodly Land: Alabama's Literary Landscape

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