Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Send Us Your Alabama Literary Quotations!

This Goodly Land and the Alabama Center for the Book are planning a series of Alabama prose postcards similar to the poetry series produced two years ago. Each postcard will feature a quotation from an Alabama author.

We invite you to submit your favorite Alabama quotations. Please indicate the author and the book or short story from which it comes. Example: "It is good to be shifty in a new country," Johnson Jones Hooper, Some Adventures of Captain Simon Suggs

If your quotation is selected for the series, you will receive a prize. Most likely non-monetary--we're on a tight budget here, folks. :-) The deadline for submission is December 31, 2008.

You can submit your quotation(s) via the Suggestion Form on This Goodly Land's Web site or by email to coatemi[AT] or by snail mail to Midge Coates, Pebble Hill, Auburn University, Auburn, AL 36849-5637.

Midge Coates, Project Manager
This Goodly Land: Alabama's Literary Landscape

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